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About us

Connect Earth has its origins in a number of connectivity related projects initiated across Africa since 2007. The experience gained from these has produced a simple model; to provide viable Wi-Fi to users, commercial partners, retailers, governments, NGO's, Wi-Fi networks and ISP's, across Africa and other emerging economies.

Viable or sustainable Wi-Fi has different value depending on the audience being addressed, but Wi-Fi is a globally demanded, yet underutilized tool that can; advance education, improve brand engagement and be a tool for socio economic development which can bridge the gap between formal and informal economies. At the heart of the Connect Earth model lies the provision of free Internet access to end-users, funded by commercial modeling that is developed on a network-by-network basis to produce viable Wi-Fi.

Our Model

Connect Earth Model


Connect Earth assists planned, existing, or unsustainable Wi-Fi networksto become more viable, offering three sets of core services:

Connect Earth Professional Services

Professional Services

Includes strategic development, consulting and data science services.

Connect Earth Commercial Development

Commercial Development

Encapsulates all forms of revenue derivation.

Connect Earth Technology


Creating interactive engagement between users and our commercial partners.

Detailed Services

1. Professional Services

  • Workshops & seminars;
  • Consulting, strategic planning & advisory services;
  • UX (user experience) modeling;
  • Data science services;
  • Wi-Fi network planning & design.

2. Technology Application

  • Technology licensing;
  • Technology integration;
  • OEM development and application;
  • Application development.

3. Commercialization

  • Campaign development;
  • Media sales;
  • Transactional revenue share;
  • Content production and provision.
Connect Earth Platform


At the heart of Connect Earth is our platform.

Wifi Captive Portal Management

Wifi Captive Portal

Learner Management

Learner Management

Payment Gateways


Ad Delivery

Ad Delivery
Content Management



Vouchering Platform


Detailed Reporting

Its detailed audit and reporting structure allows for in-depth Connect Earth network consumer analysis.

Quick Deployment

Platform deployment is quick and networks can be up and running within 3-4 weeks once the AP network is active.